Our Story

Hamish and Andrew are the founders. We met while working together and quickly became friends after discovering we had a lot in common. We both loved rugby, we both had Polish wives and we both loved a beer or two.

On our travels we uncovered a whole new way of eating and drinking. Europe created some outstanding meat products and beers. Our background in marketing had us thinking and like most great ideas we stumbled across the idea in the pub. Hamish was a passionate advocate of the low carb Keto Diet and couldn’t eat the ‘Chups’ that Andrew ordered from the bar.


‘What if we created a meat crisp?’

That’s literaly how it started. For over a year we have been developing a recipe to keep both the meat lover and ‘crispionado’ happy.

What’s with the name? The clue is in the rugby ball. Hamish is a die hard South African supporting the Springbok or ‘bucks’ and Andrew is the Kiwi ‘bird’ supporting the All Blacks.